COVID-19: Metro extends its premium of$ 2 per hour

MONTREAL | The supply chain in québec Metro announced Saturday that it was extending until may 30 next the premium of$ 2 per hour paid to employees who hold the fort during the health crisis.

The measure, which affects about 50 000 workers, provides benefits to employees of the corporate and franchised stores (Metro, Super C and Adonis), and distribution centers.

“The specific circumstances that have led us to take this decision have not changed and we therefore maintain this as a temporary measure,” said Eric La Flèche, president and chief executive officer of Metro inc., by news release.

No premium in pharmacies

The premium of$ 2 per hour “does not apply in the pharmacy and it is not a question of merit”, has indicated to the QMI Agency’s Marie-Claude Bacon, senior vice-president, communications and public affairs of Metro by e-mail.

Metro operates in Quebec, the banners of the pharmacies Jean Coutu and Brunet.

“Employees in the pharmacy is doing a great job and it is thanks to them that the pharmacist-owners were able to beautifully maintain the services to the population during this crisis, which is not finished, continued Ms. Bacon. The Quebec pharmacies are small independent businesses who have made important investments to ensure the safety of their employees and customers.”

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