Covid-19 Mexico : inmates sew masks

Covid-19 au Mexique : des détenus cousent des masques

Dozens of prisoners mexicans are activated in recent weeks for the manufacture of masks designed to curb the spread of the coronavirus in Mexico.

The task in the workshops of several prisons, including those in Mexico, the prisoners are making about 2 000 masks per day.

“This is a very important work to support the company that is going through this crisis,” says Apolinar Soto, the head of the organisation of work in Reclusorio Norte, a prison in the mexican capital.

Female prisoners are also put to contribution in other institutions to the outskirts of Mexico city.

The city council of the city clarifies that the prisoners use an anti-bacterial fabric. The masks sewn are then packaged in bags that are biodegradable.

Once completed, the masks are shipped to the different government agencies to be distributed. A part of these articles is designed to be used by prisoners themselves.

“It is a satisfaction to be able to help the population,” explains Omar Tapia, who is serving a sentence of five years in prison for volume from the beginning of the health crisis in Mexico, the masks have become a rare commodity in spite of the appeals official is not to be used in the case of contamination found. Other products such as gel hydroalcoolisé are also not found.

In the prisons of mexico, the mutinies, murders and escapes are commonplace. The problems of overcrowding are also recurring.

Mexico has registered 475 cases of infection by the coronavirus and six deaths.

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