COVID-19: Molson Coors will continue its activities

COVID-19: Molson Coors pourra poursuivre ses activités

The 500 workers of the factory and the distribution centre of Molson Coors are considered by Quebec as essential and will therefore continue to make beer until further order, learned The Newspaper.

“We just learned a few minutes ago that Molson Coors will continue its operations because it did fit in the category of “food processing”, which is not covered by the obligation to close”, has confirmed to the Journal Eric Picotte, president of the local union of the Teamsters, Molson Coors.

More than 438 regular workers and nearly 70 employees work at the plant Molson Coors under the Jacques-Cartier bridge as well as the distribution centre of the street Dickson.

Premium of$ 5 per hour

Earlier in the day, Molson Coors announced to workers that it would, from today, a premium of five dollars an hour to encourage them to get through the crisis.

“This morning, Molson has said it would pay a “premium credit of five dollars per hour as of today for workers,” added Eric Picotte.

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