COVID-19: more government advertising to help the media

COVID-19: davantage de publicité gouvernementale pour aider les médias

In Quebec city, and Ottawa, using the media severely tested by the COVID-19 will increase by a significant rise of government advertising, has learned our parliamentary Bureau.

With the closure of many shops, the media see their advertising revenues plummet since the beginning of the pandemic.

Approximately$ 9 Million per month

To deal with the situation, rather than announce a program of emergency assistance, the government Legault will spend about $ 9 million per month in an offensive massive advertising designed to counter the spread of the COVID-19.

According to our information, the Secretariat to the communication government is already working to replace all of its ads from “non-essential” by those doing the promotion of the guidelines of the public health.

  • LISTEN to the chronic policy of Remi Nadeau, parliamentary Bureau chief in Quebec city for The Journal de Montréal and Le Journal de Québec, at QUB Radio:

Last Friday, prime minister François Legault was worried about the fall in advertising revenues caused by the crisis of the sars coronavirus. “We’re looking at what we can do financially “, said Mr. Legault.

After thinking about it, “the fastest way was to go through the pub,” said a source familiar with the case.

Federal assistance

The Trudeau government also pledged yesterday that the bulk of the $ 30 million in advertising against the COVID-19 would be reserved to canadian media.

A minimum of these funds will be dedicated to the giants of the digital, such as Google and Facebook. Ditto to Quebec (less than 2 % vs a ratio of the normal 10 % to 12 %).

The federal account also expedite the processing of grant applications and the implementation of the tax credit on the payroll of media companies. A source of the liberal argues that Ottawa could soon announce other direct support measures.

With the collaboration of Guillaume St-Pierre