EPIDEMIC French hospitals continue to receive more and more people hospitalized with Covid-19, but critical care services are following the opposite trend

 Covid-19: More hospitalizations, but fewer visits to critical care

Health personnel at the hospital (archives). — Theo Rouby/AFP

According to Santéé public France, 27,230 people were hospitalized this Wednesday with a positive diagnosis for Covid-19, a figure which has been constantly increasing since the beginning of the year while contaminations are soaring against a backdrop of an explosion of the variant Omicron.

During the last twenty-four hours, 436,167 people have been tested positive, against 464,769 the day before. This brings the average over the last seven days to 320,069 daily cases against 287,603 the previous Tuesday. This calculation makes it possible to smooth out the differences observed from one day to the next. the other, often artificially created by data collection problems.

Over the last twenty-four hours, 3,187 people have been admitted to the hospital. This last figure is higher. a week earlier, a sign that the pressure shows no signs of easing for the hospital as a whole.

Fewer severe forms of the disease

On the other hand, the situation has eased for critical care services, which house the most serious cases. They currently welcome 3,852 people, a figure that has been declining for several days. In the last twenty-four hours, these services have recorded 330 admissions. As for several days, this figure is down from the previous year. a week earlier.

The Omicron variant is much more contagious than its predecessors but it also gives fewer severe forms, which results in particular in less passages long to hospital and fewer intensive care admissions.