COVID-19: more than 10 000 applications for relief at Desjardins

In 10 days, the Desjardins group has received over 10 000 applications for relief from members for financing products. A measure that aims to help consumers through this crisis.

On Wednesday, the financial institution Levis has confirmed to the Journal that the phone has rung more in the last few days.

Several clients who have recently been laid off by their employer to seek to obtain leave of payment on several months for personal loans or mortgage as well as credit cards.

“Currently, there is no tendency towards one or the other of the products. Members and customers who call us can avail themselves of relief on all of them,” said spokesman Jean-Benoît Turcotti.

To make an agreement, Desjardins members can communicate with their advisor. They can also call at 1800 FUNDS between 6am and midnight, or for companies at 1 888 CASE.

The co-op specifies that each folder is analyzed “on a case-by-case basis” and that these reports of payments “should not have any impact on the rating of credits of the people”.

At the Bank of Montreal, the management refuses to provide the information on payment agreements that have been signed with customers in recent days, indicating that this type of data is not public.

With interest

Last week, The Journal noted that some of the measures of relief offered by canadian financial institutions do not provide for leave for the interests. They will continue to accrue during the period of respite, and they will be added to the amount of the debt.

Currently, 34% of Canadians live pay cheque to the other, according to a survey released in 2019 by the canadian payroll Association.

Before the pandemic COVID-19, the major financial institutions in Canada have closed several of their branches. They rely on their web-based tools, as well as on their call centers to serve the people.


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