COVID-19: New Look wants to support the health workers

COVID-19: New Look veut soutenir les travailleurs de la santé

New Look eyewear wants to contribute during the pandemic of COVID-19. The company will offer free replacement of glasses broken of the workers of the hospitals across Canada that do not have insurance.

Although the chain stores are currently closed in Quebec, the company continues to maintain in certain points of sale for its emergency services.

The precise direction that the staff in hospitals having a problem with their pair of glasses does not have to make an appointment. This offer will be valid until the 1st of may next. The retailer hopes to offer the repair service within the hour following the request.

“We want to ensure that the employees and the members of the medical staff of the hospital centres are able to continue their work in case of breakage of glasses. These people perform a crucial work,” says Antoine Amiel, president of the Group Vision New Look.

If the brand is headquartered in Montreal, is not present in a region, the management stated that it will look at the possibilities with its other banners canadian to find a solution.

Additional Allocation

Moreover, in order to help its laid-off workers in the last few days across the province, New Look Eyewear is committed to supplement the employment insurance from the government for an additional allocation in order to provide them an income “close” to their pay.

Founded in 1986, New Look Eyewear today employs 653 workers spread across 74 branches in Quebec. Despite the closure of certain points of sale, the company maintains its service delivery and it is possible to make orders by phone.

For emergency services, several measures have been taken in the branches to avoid the spread of the COVID-19.

In Canada and the United States, the Group Vision New Look has 390 stores. Approximately 80% are currently closed.

To get an appointment for a repair, it is necessary to communicate at 1 800 463-LOOK.

New Look Canada

87 branches, including 74 in Quebec.

718 employees, of which 653 in Quebec.

Group Vision New Look

378 stores across Canada under four banners Lunetterie New Look, Vogue Optical, Greiche & Scaff and Iris, with 200 stores in Quebec. This figure does not include the 12 stores operating under the banner of Edward Beiner in Florida.

The group has about 2100 employees across Canada, including 1,000 in Quebec.

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