COVID-19: nothing is working at the Granby Hospital

COVID-19: nothing is working at the Granby Hospital

In addition to three outbreaks of COVID-19 cases in less than a week, the Granby Hospital has to contend with a serious labor shortage.

According to what TVA Nouvelles has learned, four out of 10 employees are missing for various reasons, across all sectors.

Without confirming the absenteeism rate, the Integrated University Health and Social Services Center (CIUSSS) of Estrie-CHUS indicates that the situation is fragile, in particular because the hospital serves an increasingly large population and increasingly older, while the virus requires the addition of services.

“When we compare today the number of hours of service that we give to the population compared to last year, we are 10% more hours of service, then indeed that creates a pressure on staff, ”said Karine Duchesneau, Deputy Director General – General and Specialized Physical Health Program at the CIUSSS de l'Estrie-CHUS on Wednesday.

This pressure is felt by many employees and sometimes even more than in the spring during the first wave of coronavirus disease.

Something to worry about the president of the Union of healthcare professionals of the Cantons-de-l'Est affiliated to the FIQ, Sophie Séguin. “We have resumed all services, at full capacity. People need to get their care, but we find ourselves in an even more difficult situation right now with understaffing, absences and outbreaks all over our territory, ”she said.

The bell sound is the same with the orderlies.

“Out of approximately 450 attendants in Haute-Yamaska, there are 90 currently on disability and that is as of September 12,” said Éric Bergeron, counselor at the Canadian Union of Public Employees-CUPE.

“Right now, with COVID and drug tests, the situation can't be better.”

For now, health authorities say that care and services are not compromised in Granby.

No question of closing areas of the hospital either.

Some stabilized patients could however be moved elsewhere in Estrie.

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