COVID-19 on board : commander sacked could be returned in the us army

COVID-19 à bord : le commandant limogé pourrait être restitué dans l'armée américaine

The results of an investigation on the dismissal of the commander of the nuclear aircraft carrier american carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt, dismissed from his job after his criticisms on the management of the epidemic of COVID-19 on his ship, were presented Friday to u.s. secretary of Defense Mark Esper.

The pressure for the captain Brett Crozier is reinstated constantly rising, and several high-ranking officials of the US Navy would even cast in favour of this solution.

According to the Pentagon spokesman, Mark Esper has been briefed verbally on the results of the investigation and is awaiting a written report to make its decision.

This case had earned his position as the secretary to the US Navy and Thomas Modly, who had himself been revoked at the beginning of April captain Brett Crozier.

The fault of the customer? Have pulled the alarm in a letter to the accents dramatic to evacuate his ship stopped at the island of Guam in the Pacific, several cases of COVID-19 have been registered in edge.

“We are not at war. Our sailors do not deserve to die, ” he wrote.

His superiors had not appreciated that the letter leaked in the press.

Several us politicians, including opposition to Donald Trump, have welcomed the attitude of this officer.

When he had left the Theodore Roosevelt, the captain had been long and warmly acclaimed by his crew.

Approximately 15% of the sailors of the aircraft carrier have been tested positive, and one of them is dead.

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