COVID-19: “our drivers are doing a job which is often excessively ungrateful,” says Jacques Tanguay

COVID-19: «nos livreurs font une job qui est souvent excessivement ingrate», affirme Jacques Tanguay

The vice-chairperson of Furnishings Tanguay, Jacques Tanguay, who explained that it is possible to “serve all the world with employees wonderful” and for online purchases, even if the banner has decided to temporarily close all of its stores in full pandemic COVID-19.

“Our drivers are doing a job which is often excessively ungrateful, because they have a particular contact, they go into the homes. However, it has been put with them all possible security measures”, he referred to the issue Frankly said, to QUB radio, Friday.

Mr. Tanguay is of the opinion that the “leadership” incredible ” of the provincial government of François Legault allows companies to be aware of their “social responsibility” feeling well “supported”.

LISTEN to the interview of Jacques Tanguay, who is on QUB radio:

“They really have demonstrated a leadership amazing since the beginning. It has enabled us to quickly say: “It is essential, it is necessary to continue the wave that they have business security” […] A given time, you have a social responsibility, and it is this which has led us to take this decision”, added the vice-president of Furnishings Tanguay.

Having hope for the future, Jacques Tanguay thinks that “the demand will be incredible”, for certain types of businesses, after the pandemic of COVID-19.

“When you’re going to have the ability to highlight, when we will have the opportunity to relive a normal life, people are going to consume also a lot. In terms of restoration, it will be very safe, the hotels will go back to that time”, he concluded.

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