COVID-19: our monthly balance sheet research

COVID-19: notre bilan mensuel de la recherche

The Journal today made the point on the progress of the main research aimed to find a cure against the COVID-19.

A month after our first book dedicated to this subject matter, it is clear that more scientific studies are progressing positively, then the outcome of the other remains uncertain.

With the collaboration of dr. in biochemistry Richard Béliveau, who commented in these pages the research the most significant, our journalists paint a portrait of the state of war that is playing out in the labs of the planet.

We will draw the monthly balance sheet of the research as long as it is relevant.

  • The doc Béliveau lingers today with monoclonal antibodies, which constitute, according to him, the best weapon against the COVID-19 waiting for a vaccine. A Vancouver laboratory led by a quebecker is in a good position to make a significant breakthrough in this field.
  • Colchicine, chloroquine, remdésivir, convalescent plasma : our reporters look back on four of the treatments studied to date.
  • Many studies focus on other drugs. The Log has identified the most promising.
  • The race for the vaccine is well underway and some are more optimistic.
  • A marathon that takes place in Quebec.

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Sébastien Ménard

Publisher and editor-in-chief of the Journal de Québec, project manager


The monoclonal antibodies, a weapon of choice in our war against the COVID-19

Antibodies are at the heart of our immune defense. These proteins play a fundamental role in the detection and neutralization of infectious agents. Our immune system has the amazing ability to generate hundreds of millions of different antibodies, a wide range of repertoire that is absolutely necessary to address the myriad of pathogens to which we are exposed in the course of our existence.

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The antibodies to neutralize the virus

Véronique Lecault is on the front line since the very beginning of the crisis, in Vancouver. His company, AbCellera, was quickly isolated antibodies that can fight the COVID-19 and will be one of the first to test the treatment on humans this summer.

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Chloroquine is always the suspicion

The blur persists about the effectiveness of chloroquine to treat the COVID-19, and the studies contradict each other.

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Not easy to find 6000 guinea pigs for colchicine

The quebec researchers who are leading the international study on colchicine, this drug that they believe capable of stopping the “storm” inflammatory ” suffered by some victims of the COVID-19, have not yet been able to recruit the 6000 guinea pigs they need.

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Glimmer of hope with the remdésivir

In the race for drugs to treat the COVID-19, the remdésivir seems to be “one step ahead” and all eyes are now turned to the research is clear.

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The plasma convalescent, an ” interesting avenue “

The avenue “very interesting” the injection of plasma convalescent, to help patients overcome the COVID-19 continues to fuel the hopes.

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Study on the ventilation systems

A research team from Berkeley Lab, California, has announced that it will conduct a study on the risk of transmission of the COVID-19 by the ventilation systems of buildings.

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The scientific community is full of excitement

On all continents, the researchers activate and return almost all of the stones to keep the new coronavirus as quickly as possible. Each day brings its batch of discoveries, or of new tracks and, as you can see in this page, some scientists do not lack creativity.

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A vaccine from September ?

The search for a vaccine against the COVID-19 are now rising in leaps and bounds. The first effective vaccine could start to appear as early as next fall and enter into mass production from the beginning of 2021. This is well ahead on the horizon of development 12 to 18 months that it was planned in the month of February last.

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A researcher working on a form never before seen, vaccine

The efforts in the development of a vaccine against the COVID-19 continued unrestrained in Quebec and a researcher of the Université Laval board on a form ever view of a vaccine inhaler, aimed directly at the lungs.

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