COVID-19: over 20, 000 deaths in total in hospitals in the uk

COVID-19: plus de 20 000 morts au total dans les hôpitaux britanniques

LONDON | The United Kingdom has surpassed the 20, 000 deaths in hospital of patients by the novel coronavirus, according to the latest report released Saturday by the ministry of Health.

According to the ministry, 20 319 people infected by the virus have lost their lives in hospitals in the uk, is 813 more than in the previous balance sheet provided on Friday.

But this figure does not translate in real time the evolution of the pandemic, because it ensures the university of Oxford, a third of the 711 additional deaths identified in England, dating back more than a week.

Counting daily of the authorities does not take into account the retirement homes where, say sector representatives, many thousands of older people are dead.

In the month of march, officials from the health sector had said that a final assessment of 20 000 people or less would be a ” good result “.

The number of people tested positive amounted to 148 377 (+4913).

Confined since 23 march, a measure extended until at least may 7, the United Kingdom awaits the return at the helm of Boris Johnson, which has been hit hard by the Covid-19, is recovering since his release from the hospital on April 12.

At a time when some european countries are beginning to initiate a relaxation of the measures of containment, the pressure intensifies for the conservative government reveals its strategy on this subject.

Pounding on a daily basis it takes its decisions on the basis of the advice of scientists, the executive has seen sparked controversy around the presence of Dominic Cummings, an adviser to controversial often portrayed as the evil genius of Boris Johnson, at several meetings of the scientific committee in charge of lighting the lantern of the government.

If Downing Street, étrillant the passage of the media, points out that the political advisors have “no role” active member of this committee, the labour opposition considers that this case comes to undermine British confidence in the independence of this body.

The government intends, when the number of cases of contamination will be reduced substantially, to deploy a plan to trace the contacts of people sick or with symptoms, via an application of the public health system, in order to avoid a second wave.

The Uk is facing the “peak” of the pandemic, and it is “too early” to relax the measures in place, has informed on Friday the Health minister, Matt Hancock.

On the plan of the research, the health authorities have given their green light for trials to investigate the trail of the blood plasma (the liquid part of the blood, which concentrates the antibodies after an illness) of patients healed to heal the sick of the Covid-19, announced Saturday the ministry of Health. 5000 patients seriously wounded could be treated in the United Kingdom, according to the government.

“If you are asked to participate, please do so. It is without pain, ” said Matt Hancock, himself cured of the disease, in a tweet accompanied by a picture showing it in full blood.

Tests and studies on plasma have already begun in China, the United States and in France.

In the Face of a decrease of half the number of emergency-room admissions in hospitals in April, the public service of british health, the NHS, has called for the patients suffering from other pathologies than the COVID-19 do not be hesitant to visit these services when their condition requires it.

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