COVID-19: paramedics outraged by the amount of their premium

Forgotten until now, the ambulance technicians will eventually a premium of 4% for the duration of the pandemic, an increase in wages that insult the unions representing the workers of the ems.

Quebec announced Thursday 287 M$ to increase temporarily the salary of thousands of health care workers in the wake of the sars coronavirus. To the public, 69, 000 workers working in emergency, intensive care, in the long-term care and the clinics will have their pay be increased to 8%.

Some 200 000 other healthcare workers – laboratory technicians, maintenance workers housekeeping and / or the 811 service – will receive a premium of 4%. And this is exactly what percentage that will be intended for emergency medical technicians, can be read in an order in council made on Saturday by the ministry of Health.

“It is an insult to the paramedics”, plague Frédéric Maheux, president of the Association of workers in the prehospital (ATPH), affiliated to the CSN. In their eyes, the government does not recognize the risks posed by the profession in these times of health crisis.

“This is to say that we are as much at risk as the people in the office or 811, so it has the same bonus, then that it is just the opposite. It is in the first line: it is we who are entering NURSING homes are infected, it is us that are in the vicinity of patients that are contaminated,” he laments.

Same sound of bell on the side of the Federation of employees of the prehospital Quebec, who says he is “extremely disappointed” by the decision of the government. “We are angry, our members are angry, and we have reason to be. This is what is worth the life of a paramedic, 4%, half of the life of another worker?” shouted the president, Daniel Chouinard, Sunday morning, via a press release.

8%: the minimum

The paramedics do not have the benefit of the “risk premium” like other trades, the ATPH asked for a bonus temporary for a minimum of 8%. “The 4%, it comes to confirm us that they have no regard for us and that they have not sought to understand our business,” said Mr. Maheux, which represents 400 members in the Capitale-Nationale, Portneuf, Montmagny, qc and Chaudière-Appalaches.

Recall that a part of the envelope of 287 M$ is also intended for orderlies in the private sector, who will receive a salary increase temporary$ 4 per hour. Not less than 34 000 people, who earn usually between 13 and 14 per hour, are affected by this measure.

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