COVID-19: parc du Mont Wright will re-open may 8, at Stoneham

COVID-19: Le parc du Mont Wright rouvrira le 8 mai à Stoneham

Closed to hikers for more than a month, the parc du Mont Wright in Stoneham will again be accessible as of 8 may, but the number of visitors allowed in the trails will remain restricted.

Mayor Claude Lebel made the announcement to its citizens via a capsule which is broadcast on the web, saying wish to “ease their lives” with the reopening of the parks, including the one in Mount Wright, which he describes as the “jewel in the crown area.

Control measures, however, will be in force to restrict traffic. “We want to make sure that it is safe to go to parc du Mont Wright so if we see that there is an on-site attendance, we will keep the prerogative to be able to close it again, and note that the end of the week, there will be security officers on-site to ensure that the rules are respected,” he said during a speech filmed at the town hall.

In an interview with The Journal, Mr. Lebel said that the parking will be reduced one-third of its space in order to limit the traffic. The people who but continued to be stationed their vehicles in the surrounding streets will be open in addition to tickets. “It is estimated that we will be able to accommodate one hundred visitors at the same time.”

It justifies the reopening of the park – closed since march 23 – the melting of snow, which now allows hikers to respect the rule of detachment physical. “In the winter, people move to the queue leu leu and touch each other in crossing, but when there is no snow, it intersects at two meters of distance without problem in the trails.”

“By reopening, we will also send a positive message to the citizens of Stoneham because it is hard on the morale to be confined. We want to offer them opportunities to take the air,” he added.

Uncertainty for the national parks and fishing

The Société des établissements de plein-air du Québec (Sépaq), which manages more than 20 national parks, we are still waiting for the guidelines of the public health and the green light from the government Legault to announce anything. The facilities remain closed for the time being and there is no projected date for a possible reopening.

“The way we worked, from the beginning of the containment, is that it has been cancelled by waves of the people who had booked cabins or accommodation of the end of the week and then from the time when everything was closed, everything has been cancelled until may 14. There are people whose fishing trip is scheduled to start in mid-may and it is difficult, for the moment, to ensure these trips on the basis of what Mr. Legault said yesterday,” said the spokesman of the Sépaq, Simon Boivin.

“If we have to cancel, we will repay the people without penalty and we will try to see if we can relocate them elsewhere in the season, in a reserve where there is availability but otherwise, they are reimbursed. People do not learn at the last minute. If we cancel, people will know a good week before at least, that’s for sure. We are in the process of watching it and doing this work currently”, he added.


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