COVID-19 : Peru surpasses 100, 000 cases and 3000 deaths

COVID-19 : le Pérou franchit la barre des 100 000 cas et 3000 décès

LIMA | Peru, the second country most affected in Latin America, after Brazil by the outbreak of COVID-19, was passed, Wednesday, the bar 100 000 infections and 3,000 deaths, announced the ministry of Health.

The number of reported cases is now 104-020 of which 3024 deaths, according to the last balance-sheet of the ministry made public on Twitter, while the country is in its ninth week of confinement.

The contamination and deaths have been multiplied by three since April 30.

While the number of people hospitalized is 7533, health personnel does not cease to denounce the shortages of equipment and medicines in public hospitals in the country.

“It’s like a horror film, inside (of the hospital) it looks like a graveyard because of dead bodies. Patients die on their chair or in their wheelchair”, testified to the AFP Miguel Armas, a nurse at the public hospital Hipolito Unanue of Lima, whose staff rallied together Wednesday in the street.

At the same time the crematoria cemeteries of the capital are working day and night to cremate the patients who died of the coronavirus.

“My father died alone, there are no doctors in the hospitals (patients) will die because there are no doctors, there are no drugs,” laments Gloria Baylon, 37 years old, whose father died of the coronavirus in the hospital Luis Negreiros of Callao.

In addition to the capital, the new coronavirus has wreaked havoc in the regions of the coast north, such as Piura and Lambayeque, as well as in the small towns and isolated villages of the peruvian Amazon, inhabited mainly by indian communities.

Peru is the second country in Latin America that has the largest number of cases of infection with the novel coronavirus, after Brazil (271 628 reported cases). It is the third in number of deaths, behind Brazil (17 971 deaths) and Mexico (5666), according to the latest official figures.

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