COVID-19 : Possible partial recovery in the State of New York after may 15,

COVID-19 : Possible reprise partielle dans l’État de New York après le 15 mai

NEW YORK | Some of the manufacturing activities and construction sites could resume in the State of New York after may 15, said on Sunday governor Andrew Cuomo.

He clarified, however, that this recovery should take place, in a first time, in the northern part of the State, and not in the city of New York.

“South of (the State of) New York”, where is the economic capital of the country, “will be a bit more complicated,” explained Andrew Cuomo.

A work of coordination is indeed required upstream with the adjacent areas of the city, where live a lot of people who typically work in New York, he said.

May 15 is the date up to which the governor has, for the moment, prolonged containment measures.

The restart of certain manufacturing activities and construction is the first phase of the recovery plan.

It is provided for a period of at least two weeks before the beginning of the second phase, which includes the re-opening of other shops or offices, to ensure that the first phase has not led to a resurgence of the pandemic.

The governor has specified that such reopening was conditioned to a continuation of the decline in hospital admissions by may 15.

The State of New York has recorded during the past 24 hours 367 deaths of the COVID-19, the lowest total since 30 march (332).

The pandemic of sars coronavirus has done, to this day, 16 966 deaths in the State of New York.

Before you can reopen your offices or a trade, a company must submit to health authorities a plan for the prevention of risks of transmission of the virus.

The governor noted that an output of large-scale containment can only happen with the re-opening of schools, to allow parents to go to work.

If the schools of the State are for the moment closed, no final decision has been taken, at the State level, in regards to a possible reopening, even if the mayor of New York, Bill de Blasio, has announced the cancellation of the end of the school year.

Many schools are currently exploring the possibility of staying open during the summer, revealed the governor, “to make up in part for lost time”.


The governor of New York thinks of sports events without public

The governor of the State of New York, mentioned Sunday the possibility of allowing sporting events to be held again, but closed to avoid the spread of the coronavirus.

“We want the sport to restart, so that people have an activity to watch on tv,” said Andrew Cuomo during his daily press conference.

“What sports can operate without public ? “, he said. “What sports can be economically viable without having to sell seats in their stadiums or their rooms ? ”

All the leagues and championships athletes, whether they are professional or amateur, are currently under arrest in the United States since mid-march, a few very rare exceptions.

The World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), the main organizer of meetings to catch, has been authorized to operate in Florida.

Several u.s. tracks, including Florida, also continued to organize races, without an audience.

None of the major sports championships in the United States has not yet announced the date of resumption.

“This is not my profession. I don’t know the financial data, ” said Andrew Cuomo.

But if a league can be profitable without revenue from the counters while generating revenue from broadcast rights, ” the assumption is no longer the same “.

“Be creative. Try to find a solution, ” he urged, explaining that he spoke with the sports leaders.

“If the players can earn more by remaining at home, and the owners (clubs) can make sales, rather than nothing, why not? “, said the governor. “I’d like to see it. ”

According to Andrew Zimbalist, professor of sports economics at Smith College in Massachusetts, every major american league takes, at a minimum, 40 % of its revenues from the sale of tickets.

But in the case of all other championships and leagues in the United States, the turnover of revenue in the counters is substantially higher, because the income from broadcasting rights is significantly less.

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