COVID-19: professional orders want to be consulted

COVID-19: professional orders want to be consulted

Professional orders must be consulted by the government when taking measures that affect professionals or students in regulated professions, recommends a report from the Quebec Interprofessional Council.

The report made public on Wednesday underlines that the courses of action proposed by professional orders to fight COVID-19 have remained a dead letter.

“Our consultations with the 46 orders revealed that, during the first wave of the crisis, ministerial decrees contained errors or had been the subject of contradictory public explanations”, indicated in a press release Gyslaine Desrosiers, president of the Interprofessional Council. from Quebec, Wednesday.

“The health professions who work mainly in private practice were not asked to come and lend a hand when their offices were closed or open only for emergencies,” lamented Ms. Desrosiers, accusing the government of having privileged the use of student services.

“Thousands of professionals were available to perform screening tests or other tasks related to their skills,” said Desrosiers.

The Council also recommends that Quebec City create an interministerial committee and institute meetings of professional orders with the sector manager.

Another recommendation: the establishment of a process aimed at improving regulatory flexibility in the context of a health crisis.

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