COVID-19: progressive return on the building sites of Quebec

COVID-19: retour progressif sur les chantiers de Québec

After four weeks of inactivity, the construction sites of the national capital come back to life at a gradual pace since 7am Monday morning.

Only building residential that need to be delivered at the end of the month of July were allowed to resume their activities.

“It’s starts a little square. Since 7am this morning [Monday], we have a meeting start with the body of a business with few employees. Gradually, we will make a gradual entry. There are strict standards to adhere to. There is only one entry per project. We put a security guard at the entrance to the parking lot and another at the entrance of the building. Inside, it is all laborious, to which it adapts”, shared Cyril Parent of Nova Construction.

On the side of Robko, a quarantine of workers have been deployed on a dozen sites.

“In general, the workers are really happy. They would be income before because they are penalized financially from the judgment. It’s not like someone who works for minimum wage, which is$ 500 per week and is well pleased. For construction workers, it is a financial loss. As there are a lot of young workers, they are less stressed to come back. Besides, I think that it is I who am the most stressed out. This morning, I’m doing the tour and I talk to each person individually,” added Ralph Koehler, co-owner, Robko.

Delays expected

Despite the recovery, it would be illusory to think that all the projects will be delivered on time, according to Mr. Koehler.

“It is sure that there will be delays. On sixty deliveries, I expect to have a fortnight of delays”, he said.

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