COVID-19: Putin declares the month of April, holiday with salary

COVID-19: Poutine déclare le mois d’avril chômé avec salaire

Russian president Vladimir Putin on Thursday announced that the month of April would be working in Russia, but the salaries have been preserved, to slow the spread of the pandemic caused by the coronavirus.

“I decided to extend the scheme to non-working days until April 30, inclusive “, he said in a televised speech, adding that ” the salaries of employees will be preserved “.

This measure, in force since march 28, in Russia, ” has allowed to save time “, but ” the peak of the epidemic in the world has not yet been passed, including in our country “, stressed the Russian president.

Noting that the epidemic reaches a different threshold according to the Russian regions, some of which are still spared, Mr Putin said that the regional leaders could choose what companies or organizations will be allowed to work and what mode of confinement they impose to their people.

“By the end of the week (regional leaders) will have to determine a specific set of preventive measures for their territories, both in terms of health, safety and security of the population, stability of the economy and infrastructure,” he said.

Mr Putin did not rule out “additional measures according to the evolution of the situation” while noting that ” if the situation allows, we will adjust the period of announced holidays in the sense of a reduction “.

“We must not forget how important it is to maintain the jobs and salaries of the population,” he said.

The health authorities russians had previously called for an extension of the week-working to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, at a time when the number of new cases daily is exploding in Russia. To this day, 3548 case of Covid-19 have been officially identified. Thirty people have died.

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