COVID-19: QS and the PQ are appealing to “the humanity” of the banks

COVID-19: QS et le PQ font appel à «l’humanité» des banques

In the midst of a crisis of the coronavirus, Québec solidaire and the Parti québécois are asking the banks to postpone the payment of accounts of credit and reduce interest rates in order to give a little boost to consumers.

“This is not the time to enrich themselves on human misery and on the dramatic situation of the families go to live because of job losses or because the cheques, employment insurance will not be as fast as they have the habit to happen,” said in the interview, the spokesman of the Parti québécois in the field of finance, Martin Ouellet.

The latter suggests that banks lower interest rates “the most possible” on the credit cards, and/or increase from 21 to 40 days the waiting period for the refund.

“All the world gives loosely, it is the time for the caisses and banks to give it slack, too,” added the member for René-Lévesque blvd.

Words that resonate in Québec solidaire, whose spokesman in the matter of Finance, Vincent Marissal, is launching a call for banking institutions to “exercise restraint”.


Vincent Marissal, a spokesperson for Québec Solidaire in the field of finance.


“The banks can’t just continue business as usual. [They] have made a lot of money, they are going to do yet; there, it is time to give back,” said the former journalist.

This last application is particularly to the credit agencies to moderate the notes that they grant to consumers in the context where we account for the revival of the economy.

“It should not be that people find themselves in three months with credit ratings appalling, blackened edge-to-edge because the credit agencies have left lots of notes to people who are going to be late to pay their fees, Hydro, Bell, natural gas”, he said.

While the Québec public health recommends avoiding the use of cash, the two men fear a run on the credit cards, where their requests to the financial institutions to limit the usage charges, both for merchants and for consumers.

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