COVID-19: Quebec is looking for the “soldiers” of the computer

COVID-19: Québec cherche des «soldats» de l’informatique

In full pandemic COVID-19, Quebec is actively seeking dozens of specialists to deal with the computer threats that are targeting the government.

No less than 12 departments and agencies, including the Sûreté du Québec and the ministry of Health, which have posted job offers in order to find experts in cyber defence. In total, 55 specialists who are committed to medium-term in all of the State, has learned our Bureau of investigation. While thousands of people have lost their jobs, these jobs are likely to become sought-after.

Québec pointed out that the major leaks of sensitive information that have taken place in the banking communities and government have made him aware of the danger of cyber threats.

“Every citizen is at the mercy of cyber attacks and malicious actions on the part of individuals or of groups,” says the call for nominations.

Moreover, our Bureau of investigation revealed last week that the Quebec government is on high alert since the beginning of the pandemic COVID-19, so that hackers are targeting more hospitals.

“We take care of the pandemic, and it does not lower the guard to cyber security,” said in the interview, the minister delegated to the digital Transformation, Eric Cairo (see text below).

The government has also published, earlier this week, its first policy on cyber security.

In the context of this work, the specialists will be called to manage the threats, know the emerging trends, evaluate and consolidate vulnerabilities, in addition to applying security patches.

They will also need to support the judicial process of the federal and provincial authorities, as well as co-ordinate responses to security incidents.

Government policy

Quebec was also present this spring, with great fanfare, its first government policy on cyber defence. However, due to the pandemic of sars coronavirus, the government has decided to launch it without fanfare.

The policy indicates that cyber threats are a major issue for the government administration.

“The staff of the State is also facing the use of digital technology in his daily life and sometimes has access to data that now have a great value in the eyes of some people to be malicious,” says the document.

In its new policy, Quebec is committed to being transparent in the area of computer security. The government promises to integrate the entire public service best practices to ensure the protection of data.

In addition to the personnel of the State, Quebec also wants citizens to become digital users, responsible. Tools will be provided to get there, such as a digital identity. The government wants to preserve the confidence of citizens concerning the security of their data.

One of the best policies

It is one of the best policies in cyber-defence on the planet, according to experts. It would be the height of the one that was put in place in countries such as Israel, recognized worldwide for its it security-government.

“The plan is really excellent. Remains to be seen how everything will be, but there is a lot of potential and leadership,” said Patrick Mathieu, co-founder of the Hackfest.


Computer security is one of the main cogs that will enable Québec to cross the pandemic of COVID-19 with success. Interview with the minister delegated to the digital Transformation, Éric Caire, who has just launched the cyber security.

Why have we launched the policy of cyber-security as silence at the heart of the pandemic?

In the present context, it takes on all its meaning. The policy is an extremely useful tool in times of crisis, and this is the reason why it was even implemented. The only objective, for the moment, is to fight and defeat the pandemic. It could not be an object of distraction, so we just decided to implement it without fanfare.

Why cyber security is it useful during the crisis of the COVID-19?

The pandemic leads us to new ways of working and new technologies. We must increase the capacity of our information technology infrastructure. It was extremely important to do so in accordance with common principles. For example, to telework, the policy allows organizations to establish safe and uniform. It is done in the emergency, because there is an urgency to act, but it is not in the temporary.

While the threats have increased since the beginning of the pandemic, what are the impacts on the cell of cyber defence?

With the pandemic, our responsibility towards the protection of data of Quebecers do not decrease. It does not lower the guard. We are aware that we are in an environment, currently, where there are people ill-intentioned that may see opportunities. We ask our organizations to adopt measures to respond to any type of attacks and potential loss. It was more personal. One of the security infrastructures which have a greater ability to monitor and block attacks. It is in the acquisition and installation of advanced equipment in the field of security.

Why agree you quickly dozens of specialists in cyber security?

The need is urgent. It follows the publication of the policy, which is supported by the last budget. We want to testify to the reliability of the approach. We do not want to say that this policy, it is just paper. With the policy, it is extremely ambitious. I think it has good defense systems, currently. But what we aim is to be exemplary. Now, it will take arms to reach the objectives.

The policy of cyber-security, it what does it mean, concretely, for the people?

We want to enable the citizen to have access quickly to information that it holds on him. Currently, it is necessary to make 150 requests for access to information. It is an obstacle to a citizen’s right. The policy says that it has the right to it, and we must allow him to have a user-friendly way. The government now has the burden to develop an application for the citizen. The citizen will have the right to update and change the information. He will be able to remove the information, according to the legal framework, that has on him.

Why does one need a policy to cyber security?

We know that Quebecers ‘ confidence is shaken. Restoring confidence is one of the priority objectives. If there is one thing that the pandemic taught us, is that we need to change our ways of doing. You must enter a walk-in the digital world. We want to make cyber security a credo of excellence in Québec. We will be very demanding to ourselves.


  • Treasury Board secretariat
  • Ministry of Education and higher Education
  • Ministry of Health and social Services
  • Sûreté du Québec
  • Société de l’assurance automobile du Québec
  • Department of Immigration, Francization and Integration
  • Ministry of Energy and natural Resources
  • Department of Forestry, Wildlife and Parks
  • Ministry of Transport
  • Centre de services partagés du Québec
  • Department of public Safety


  • 51 575$ 83 243$

People have until April 3 just to apply.

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