COVID-19: Quebec launches a “big campaign” to recruit 10,000 agents

COVID-19: Québec lance une «grosse campagne» pour recruter 10 000 préposés

François Legault is launching a major recruitment campaign to find 10 000 orderlies to September, otherwise the State employees might have to work in NURSING homes.

By the time all this beautiful world was formed, the prime minister, however, need the help of 1,000 soldiers of the canadian army currently deployed in the centres for seniors in Quebec.

“I would like for the military to remain until mid-September,” he said Wednesday. François Legault has made the formal request to Justin Trudeau.

“It’s embarrassing for the whole company” to have a crying need for staff to take care of our elders, to the point of having to resort to the canadian army, has admitted the prime minister of quebec.

He tries to make the job of attendant to the beneficiaries seductive. Quebecers wishing to undertake the training of three months will be paid$ 760 per week. From their recruitment in NURSING, the entry level wage will be$ 26 an hour.

Some “940$ per week,$ 49,000 a year. So, I think, it is an offer that is interesting,” said François Legault, during the press conference on the state of propagation of the COVID-19.

This massive recruitment is required to face the second wave of contamination of the virus has been apprehended in the fall. “We hope that the second wave, if there is one, will not happen before 15 September”, has dragged the prime minister.

François Legault agreed last week that Quebec was not yet ready to face a second wave of the COVID-19 due to the shortage of staff in the health network.

And what happens if recruitment does not meet expectations or if the military leave Quebec before that date? “We can ask the government employees to go to work in NURSING homes for a few months, but really, what I would like is to be able to train these 10 000 people full time,” said François Legault.

In short:

  • The recovery rallies interiors will depend on the success of the current phase of déconfinement, ” said François Legault.
  • The prime minister wants to understand why the city of Toronto, there are far fewer deaths caused by the COVID-19 the other big cities in the north-east of North America.
  • François Legault hoped that a potential second wave of contamination will not occur before mid-September, without what the health network could still be subject to important issues of staff.

– With the collaboration of Vincent Larin, QMI Agency

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