COVID-19: Quebec launches its shock advertising campaign

COVID-19: Quebec launches its shock advertising campaign

Quebec launched its shock advertising campaign on Tuesday evening to convince Quebeckers that COVID-19 can have serious consequences.

Prime Minister François Legault had asked that real-life cases be used to convince the most skeptical.

One of the capsules features Francis who was hospitalized for 45 days and spent two days in a coma.

“I was at a friend's house and we were chatting in the door frame, nothing more banal than that, but three days later, high fever, fatigue, difficulty breathing until I was no longer able to breathe,” says he.

“Before I was a general contractor, now I have a tracheostomy and I can't even work. Believe me, COVID-19 is serious, ”he adds.

The purpose of televised messages is to make the population think and raise awareness of the risks.

A campaign with former footballer Étienne Boulay aims to directly address young people.


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