COVID-19: Quebec lays 11M$ to help day camps

COVID-19: Québec allongera 11M$ pour aider les camps de jour

With the financial assistance of Québec, day camps, certified will be able to accommodate about 75,000 children this summer-mode COVID-19. But the uncertainty is still hovering to the camps from sports.

The government Legault extends $ 11 million to help day camps to adapt to the guidelines of the public health. A breath of fresh air for both private companies and non-profit organizations that operate.

“We are very happy, it is a recognition of our importance in the economic and social revival of the society,” says Eric Beauchemin, ceo of the Association des camps du Québec.

Public health has recently given the green light to the opening of day camps, which can accommodate children from 22 June. But the measures of distance physics will have to be adhered to and the ratios of monitors-toddlers are scaled down. Organizations must therefore employ more staff and provide safeguards to their staff.

“We will do everything to maintain in operation a maximum of day camps and a maximum of places available for young people,” insisted Mr. Beauchemin.

It is assumed however that there will not be as many children who attend its network this year. He takes for example the back-to-school in recent weeks. “The extent of the calculations that we have done, it is on a visitation to the tune of 70 %, says the ceo of the Association. Approximately 75,000 children. “

Sharing of local

The minister Isabelle Charest also announced on Tuesday that the cities will be compensated for the additional costs generated by the epidemic for day camps, municipal, frequented generally by nearly 200,000 children.

“The amounts provided in the budget 2020-2021 regarding the sharing of premises between the municipalities and the schools could be used for the benefit of day camp professionals and camps municipal. This measure will allow the camp to use the facilities of the schools, which should facilitate compliance with the guidelines of social distancing “, she argued.

Sports ?

For the moment, the fate of the camps or soccer or basketball is always uncertain, since the déconfinement team sports has not yet been authorized.

The minister Charest has, however, hinted on Tuesday that good news will come for the athletes. “Work for the resumption of the sport are going well, and I think we’re going to be able to announce very quickly the resumption of sports as well,” she slipped.

Measures of distance-physical, however, will have to be met in the practice of the sports for a time. “The sport as we knew before will not happen in the next few weeks. However, there will be different adaptations, different accommodations, that will be able to perform and then to ensure that our young people can regain some form. ”


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