COVID-19: Quebec pays$ 133 Million to seniors and vulnerable individuals

The ministry responsible for Seniors and family caregivers, said Monday to provide emergency aid of $ 133 million to housing resources for seniors and vulnerable people to cope with issues related to the COVID-19.

“A lot of pressure is felt in regard to owners of living environments for seniors and persons with disabilities, has indicated by way of a press release the minister of Seniors, Marguerite Blais. With this emergency assistance, we will be able to hire more staff, buy more equipment protection and sanitizer.”

The assistance will be distributed between the private residences for seniors-certified ($40 million), NURSING homes, private non-subsidized ($20 million) and intermediate resources and family-type resources ($73 million).

This exceptional measure will allow accommodations to be sure that our human resources, either in overtime or by hiring additional personnel, and supply of protective equipment and disinfection.

“This is an announcement reassuring, which demonstrates that the government understands our reality, welcomed by way of a press release Réal Bouclin, president and founder of Group Selection. We have a great responsibility towards the pensioners that we host and we deploy all means necessary to ensure that our complex are safe for them.”



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