COVID-19: Quebec resigns himself to seek the intervention of 1000 canadian soldiers

COVID-19: Québec se résigne à demander l’intervention de 1000 soldats canadiens

Because they have not succeeded in mobilizing enough doctors available to full-time, the government Legault has finally resigned to seek the intervention of the 1000 soldiers of the canadian armed Forces in our NURSING homes.

“We have officially asked the federal government to have 1,000 soldiers of the canadian army, which will come in our NURSING homes,” announced the prime minister, François Legault, in his press conference daily.

Almost all of these soldiers have no medical training. Less than 130 will have a. “This is not ideal, but at the same time, I think, it’s going to help us very much to have pairs of arms additional to do tasks that are less medical,” said Mr. Legault.

Not later than the day before, he was yet confident of being able to find, especially among medical specialists, the 1000 people needed to take care of the elderly in NURSING homes hit by the Covid-19, and it, by Wednesday evening.

“Unfortunately, it is not able to find them”, summed up the prime minister.

Just 350 doctors specialists

At the time of ringing, “national emergency”, last week, Mr. Legault indicated that he was missing 2000 people to lend a helping hand to the attendants and nurses overstretched.

It was originally shot, with insistence, to the medical specialists, released for the most part due to the postponement of mandatory activities non-urgent in hospitals.

In front of the impatience of the prime minister, the Fédération des médecins spécialistes du Québec (FMSQ) was eager to ensure that nearly 700 of its members were available to full-time, as desired by the government.

“We have spoken with, I think, more than 1 500 specialists,” said Wednesday the head caquiste. But of this number, only 350, which offered a full availability for the next two weeks could be deployed, he reported.

Eventually, a greater majority of students, nurses, (and) employees (beneficiaries) who were in the hospitals” which were able to be sent to the hot spots, said Mr. Legault.

“It is difficult to go more than 350 on the side of the experts, regretted the prime minister. We continue to train students, but who are not ready now, so we continue to miss 1,000 people.”

The president of the FMSQ, Dr Diane Francoeur, declined the interview request of our parliamentary Bureau. A press release should be issued later in the day.


The news has provoked various reactions on the side of the opposition parties.

“The canadian Army in NURSING homes”, has dropped out of the parliamentary chief of the Parti québécois during the press conference, via his Twitter account.

“Finally. Good decision, has commented on its side, the liberal mp and ex-minister of Health, Gaétan Barrette. [..] There is no shame to appeal to the army. This is what we do in times of crisis. […] We would have been able to and had to call in the army before. Once again it is the fault of the medical specialists…”

“What a relief to hear François Legault announce that 1000 troops have been requested in the reinforcement in the CHSLD. This is the fastest option and most effective. Glimmer of hope on the horizon”, said for his part the liberal leader by acting, Pierre Arcand.



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