COVID-19: Québec solidaire demand better support for the independent operators

Québec solidaire (QS) applied to the government Legault to enact a rent freeze and a moratorium of a year on evictions for independent operators.

These measures can be a breath of fresh air to many of the restaurateurs severely impacted by the health crisis.

“The containment that lasts for nearly two months has dealt a hard blow to the restaurant industry,” said Sunday, Vincent Marissal, member of solidarity responsible in matters of economic justice and tax.

“Restaurant operators are increasingly many to a cry for help: many have had difficulty passing the cape in the months of may and are already wondering if they will be able to pay the rent in June,” he added.

However, a gesture of Quebec could save thousands of jobs in this industry, which represents some 230 000 jobs across the province, noted Mr. Marissal.

Such measures would act directly on the recovery of the economy post-containment by avoiding massive job losses in this sector, which has generated in 2018 gross revenues of $13.6 billion.

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