COVID-19: Quebec wants to offer respite to parents of children with disabilities

COVID-19: Québec souhaite offrir du répit aux parents d’enfants handicapés

As containment measures continue as is, Quebec wants to build teams of stakeholders “protected” to give in-home respite for parents of children with special needs.

“It’s been three or four weeks they are confined to their homes and the parents are very afraid to let people into their homes because [their children] are particularly vulnerable,” said the deputy minister of Health and social Services, Lionel Carmant, in an interview Monday.

According to the scenario investigated by Quebec, interveners would make at home with “protective equipment required” to enable parents to blow, he says. This should, however, be made in accord with the instructions of the public health according to each region of the province.

Also, the government is studying the option to expand the cheque emploi-service to which they are entitled to have support at home.

Of the reinforcement to contact families

In addition, the government has appealed to the quebec Federation of community organizations Families so that their stakeholders are calling households who have already made use of its services to ensure their well-being.

“They are in connection with the Management of the protection of the youth, we put them in contact, if ever there are situations that arise,” says the minister, Lionel Carmant, stating that 200 000 families, including 150 000 with a child under the age of 5 years may as well be attached.

Quebec is concerned about the 20% decrease in the number of reports to the Directorate of youth since the beginning of the containment measures put in place to slow the spread of the virus.

The Direction of youth protection (DYP) is considered an “essential activity” at the same level as hospitals and NURSING homes, ” said minister Lionel Carmant. Thus, its stakeholders have access to all the equipment of protection that they need to carry out their activities.

No outbreaks in the youth center

Concerning centres for youth, where their residents are currently confined, Lionel Carmant stressed that no outbreak of outbreak was not reported until now.

The government is working on their routing of “communication tools” to these young people so that they can contact their families, ” said the minister. An announcement should be made shortly, he added.

Quebec hopes to be able to also do a “two birds with one stone” by providing access to these tools to young people so that they can continue their educational pathways.

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