COVID-19: Quebecers are turning to purchase online

The consumption habits of Quebecers have greatly evolved since the beginning of the health crisis, particularly in terms of online grocery shopping and purchasing locally.

According to PayPal, which commissioned two national surveys by Edelman, under the aegis of the Angus Reid Forum, 72% of Quebecers do less purchasing in person in the stores compared to before the pandemic COVID-19.

One-in-four canadians has done more online shopping for food these past few weeks. Only 16 % of québec consumers had already shopped on the web before the arrival of the new coronavirus, a proportion which now involves 27 % of the people surveyed. As the sites of the grocery chains are overwhelmed and that all the seats opening hours for delivery are occupied, this proportion would have probably been even more important.

In total, according to the stroke of the probe, 11 % of Quebecers have become new followers of online grocery shopping. This is an increase of 69 %.

Even if the life is known to gradually return to normal, 74 % of Quebecers plan to make as much, if not more shopping online over the coming months.

Concerning the delivery and preparation of meals, 37 % of Quebecers say they drink less than before the COVID-19.

All the same, 55 % of respondents still prefer to choose their own products in person, a habit, stubborn, and 36 % of people are worried about the quality of the products chosen for them.

Calls to the local consumption have undoubtedly made the hit. Thus, 36 % of Quebecers wish to encourage small grocery stores and convenience shops that don’t have a delivery service, and 30 % commute to pick up some take-away meals in local restaurants that don’t deliver.

The strokes of the probe, respectively, have been carried out on 3 and 4 march, and 1 and 2 April, in French and in English. In total, 1562 and 1503 persons were interviewed.

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