COVID-19: Quebecers must avoid social contact for a month

COVID-19: Quebecers must avoid social contact for a month

On the eve of a hot and sunny weekend, Quebecers must give up barbecues and corn roasts, says Christian Dubé, while the entire Montreal metropolitan area falls into the orange zone. This effort should last a month.

“You have to limit social contact for the next 28 days, no matter what region you live in. Cancel the BBQs, parties and dinners for the next month, ”the Minister of Health indicated on Friday.

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It is urgent to reduce our contacts to a minimum, added the national director of public health Horacio Arruda. “We are in a situation of diffuse community transmission,” he explained. Meetings in private homes are the main vector of this transmission. Infected people will then contaminate open environments such as schools or residences for the elderly. “To break this transmission, we ask […] Quebecers to reduce their social contacts”, explained Dr. Arruda.

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While Quebec has recorded more than 600 new cases today, the government has announced that the entire Montreal metropolitan community is going into the orange zone, just like the city of Saint-Jérôme.

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For now, the government of Quebec does not intend to close bars and restaurants. “We want to keep a minimum of normality. And if we close these places, people will go elsewhere, to private parties , ”explained the Minister of Health, Christian Dubé.


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