COVID-19 : re-opened gradually in the United States in may

COVID-19 : une réouverture graduelle aux États-Unis possible en mai

WASHINGTON | A re-opening gradual and localized economic activities in the United States could intervene in may, when the epidemic of sars coronavirus appears to be approaching its peak, said Sunday that the expert-in-chief of the american government, while remaining very careful.

“We hope that by the end of the month, we will be able to see what happens and if the elements allow us to restart in a prudent and safe,” said on CNN, dr. Anthony Fauci.

“If there is, we go there. Otherwise, it continues to be patched,” added the director of the american Institute of infectious diseases, which represents the scientific community in the working group set up by Donald Trump to fight the epidemic.

He said he was optimistic about a decline of the epidemic, particularly in the State of New York, the epicenter of the disease with more than 8,500 deaths, or nearly half of the deaths in the country.

“Admissions, hospitalizations, intensive care and intubation are not only stabilized, but are starting to go down,” explained the scientist, led this decline with cautious optimism”.

Because deciding to return to the normal state, is pressed in on the crisis since the brutal closure of a part of the economy, “it’s not like relighting a lamp”, he stressed.

President Donald Trump insists regularly on a restart the more quickly possible and on the danger that might pose to be a date too late, while the unemployment rate has exploded with the massive layoffs.

According to Dr. Fauci, it will be necessary to study the differences of the pandemic on the territory between the major cities hit by the Covid-19 and rural areas where the epidemic seems more low.

He cited the example of New York and Arkansas, a Southern State where the population is not confined, and that with only 27 fatal cases.

The measures decided upon will therefore not be “the same for everyone,” he said.

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