COVID-19: right “timing” for the curling

COVID-19: bon «timing» pour le curling

Compared to many other sports, curling has not suffered too much because of the pandemic of sars coronavirus and the déconfinement in arenas, in force since 22 June, arrived at point.

“We are currently in our off season and it will give time for clubs to prepare for the next season, which will start towards the end of the month of August”, a delighted Marc-André Robitaille, director general of Curling Quebec.

A recovery plan has been devised, even though, in the end, the sport risk of being able to resume is not appropriate.

“It would be quite easy to adapt the curling without distorting it, said Mr. Robitaille. In order to respect the distance of two meters, it was thought, for example, to the use of a single scanner. And in the house, it is the member of the active team that would be the only one to be able to use the broom behind the line of the “T”.”

When is the next buzz?

At the head of Curling Quebec for the past six years, Mr. Robitaille has been received positively another new in the last few weeks, that is the assignment to Ottawa of the world Championship of curling in the men’s 2021.

“It is obviously interesting to fans of curling Quebec, Gatineau, but also a little bit everywhere else, that can move”, he said.

Such an event can have a ripple effect, even if there is nothing comparable to the olympic Games in terms of benefits to the sport of curling.

“In Quebec, it is often at the national championships as it happens, when there is a buzz, as with Jean-Michel Ménard at the time”, concluded the director-general, recalling the many presences of the skip quebec in the tournament Brier, and his victory in 2006.

Young people who grow

For years to come, Mr. Robitaille would not be surprised to see the Quebec perform well on the canadian scene. If he noted the recent addition of veteran Martin Peak to the team Mike Fournier, the director-general mentions that the next generation is promising. In men, it talks about the formation of Alek Bédard, present at the last Brier, but also that of Vincent Roberge, a finalist in the most recent provincial championship.

“There are all the young people that grow and then there are the veterans who do not want to cede their place no more” was described by Mr. Robitaille.

In the women’s teams of Noémie Verreault and Laurie St-Georges show, and then the mixed doubles gaining in popularity with, among others, Robert Desjardins and his daughter Emily. Through it all, there’s all these members who, in various clubs, throw the stone and heat up the ice with their broom, for the fun of it. It is also up to them that think Marc-André Robitaille when he speaks of the possible return to the game in arenas.

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