COVID-19 : sea lions take their ease in a seaside resort in argentina

COVID-19 : des otaries prennent leurs aises dans une station balnéaire argentine

A little sun bathing on the docks at the port : sea lions at mane, typical of the Southern shores of Latin America, benefit from the confinement imposed for the humans to take their ease in the seaside resort of Mar del Plata, on the West coast of Argentina.

These ” lions of the sea “, that guests usually observe on the coast of this great city of 750 000 inhabitants, situated 400 km South-West of Buenos Aires, take advantage of this new situation to frolic a little further than usual.

We see them now sporting them on parking lots or in front of the souvenir shops to the curtains lowered.

“Due to the containment, there is no one that circulates, so the sea lions venture a little further than usual to get out of the wind,” said the AFP Juan Lorenzani, president of the Foundation, Fauna Argentina.

Accustomed to the bustle of a city that welcomes thousands of tourists every year, these wild mammals are enjoying the silence unheard since 20 march, the date of the beginning of the containment required for the 44 million Argentines.

“These animals weigh between 350 and 500 pounds for the larger,” recalls Juan Lorenzani, who pointed out that they ” have the ability to thermoréguler their temperature “. “Depending on the time, they tried to seek shelter from the wind,” adds the scientist.

“It is unusual,” acknowledged Jorge Barcio, a resident interviewed on the street as he went to do his shopping. “The animals take advantage of the situation to find a little more comfort “, he says.

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