COVID-19: Second wave brings record cases in Ontario

COVID-19: Second wave brings record cases in Ontario

The second wave of the pandemic promises to be “worse” than the first, the premier of Ontario acknowledged on Monday as his province announced a record daily number of new cases of COVID-19.

With a total of 700 cases in 24 hours, the country's most populous province beat its previous mark of 640 infections set on April 24, at the height of the first wave. In doing so, Ontario broke the 50,000 mark of SARS-CV-2 infections “Today's numbers are extremely worrying and our health managers tell us that Ontario is now in wave two. We know it will be more complicated, more complex and worse than the first wave, ”commented Mr. Ford gravely at a press conference.

As in Quebec, the rise in the number of infections in Ontario has not yet manifested itself heavily in hospitals or on the death toll, with only one reported in the province on Monday. Despite everything, the health authorities fear that the impacts will be felt with delay, in the coming weeks.

A little over $ 50 million has also been announced to support health care workers by hiring and keeping them in the system.

“We all have a vital role to play. […] We know that we are in the second wave, but we do not yet know to what extent it will be bad ”, launched the Prime Minister while calling, again, his fellow citizens to respect the sanitary rules and social distancing.

Red autumn

Ontario is far from the only worried province in the country. Quebec, with 750 cases and one death announced Monday, continues to be afflicted by the worst results in the country.

Sign of the concern generated by these data – the average number of cases per day has jumped 75% in barely a week – Prime Minister François Legault must hold a press briefing at the end of the day, an unusual time.

The day before, its Minister of Health, Christian Dubé, suggested that certain regions, including Montreal and Quebec, could enter the red zone and deal with new containment measures.

Elsewhere in the country, Manitoba has accumulated 39 new infections, while mourning its 20th death to date.

The Atlantic provinces, they seemed, as usual, rather spared by the pandemic with no case recorded Monday at midday.

Canada had accumulated, at midday, 1,489 new cases of COVID-19 and three deaths, for a total of 154,614 Canadians infected to date, including 9,271 patients who have lost their lives while carrying the virus.

The situation in Canada:

  • Quebec: 72,651 cases (5,826 deaths)
  • Ontario: 50,531 cases (2,840 deaths)
  • Alberta: 17,343 cases (261 deaths)
  • British Columbia: 8,641 cases (230 deaths)
  • Saskatchewan: 1,878 cases (24 deaths)
  • Manitoba: 1,919 cases (20 deaths)
  • Nova Scotia: 1,087 cases (65 deaths)
  • Newfoundland and Labrador: 272 cases (3 deaths)
  • New Brunswick: 200 cases (2 deaths)
  • Prince Edward Island: 58 cases
  • Yukon: 15 cases
  • Northwest Territories: 5 cases
  • Nunavut: 0 cases
  • Canadian returnees: 13 cases
  • Total: 153,125 cases (9,271 deaths)
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