COVID-19: several new hires to the CISSS de la Côte-Nord

COVID-19: plusieurs embauches au CISSS de la Côte-Nord

The hires are multiplying within the integrated Centre of health and social services of the North Shore to deal with the pandemic of the sars coronavirus.

Since 12 march, the CISSS has proceeded to the hiring of 218 people, of which around thirty nurses and nursing assistants. This is the equivalent of approximately fifty new employees by the week, or what was going on for a month before the pandemic.

These are mostly pensioners and students who are there to help. Two-thirds of these recruits are employees of a business, such as orderlies or security guards.

The majority of new employees come from the region. If the people are from the outside, they must be put in quarantine for 14 days before starting work in the facilities on the territory.

These new hires are welcome to the health network the North Shore. “We were already in a labor shortage,” said Sandra Morin, head of recruitment service, staffing and internship at the CISSS North Shore.

“It’s clear that we still need more people to do the hot zones and cold zones, so we didn’t want the teams to catch if ever there are cases that fit in our facilities,” said Ms. Morin. It is necessary to foresee everything, that is why they hire so many people.”

The people hired are intended primarily for NURSING homes and intermediate resources of the North Shore, but the direction of the CISSS stressed that the needs are at all levels and throughout the territory.

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