COVID-19: “Sometimes, I feel like crying,” admits Kim Clavel

COVID-19: «Parfois, j’ai le goût de pleurer», avoue Kim Clavel

Even away from the ring, the boxer Kim Clavel manages to stand out in the right way.

On Monday, the Quebec received the award “Hero for humanity” (Heroes for Humanity) of the WBC.

This award is given to highlight the actors in the boxing world who put their lives in danger to help others during the outbreak of coronavirus.

It should be noted that the boxer, who is a trained nurse, has made the choice to go to give a hand in NURSING homes of the greater Montréal region.

In an interview with the show Dave Morissette en direct, TVA Sports, Clavel mentioned that the announcement had taken her by surprise.

“When I learned it, I’m a bit of remained open-mouthed. I asked myself if it was really me that it was a question! But it is a pat on the back which is really good.”

Plans changed

Originally, Clavel had to climb into the ring on march 21 to defend his belt NABF. But the COVID-19, as we all know now, has messed up his plans.

“I work out an hour every day. It is, of course, I don’t live my lifestyle as an athlete at 100 %, but what I see, as a nurse, is just as much hogging. I see things that I never thought I’d see.

“Sometimes, I feel like crying, but I must continue to fight for the people who suffer. I’ll be there until the end to save lives.”

The most hard

Question: what was the most challenging of her work as a nurse in the era of the COVID-19, Clavel went to a frank answer, and very indicative of the magnitude of the current situation.

“It’s really sad that I’m going to say, but it is to see people die in loneliness. The employees are so overwhelmed, that the last person who needs to eat eat definitely cold. But everyone did his best.

“Me, I can’t sleep well, because I have a soul that wishes to save everyone. I often have images of difficult run in a loop in my head…”

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