COVID-19 : Spain passes the bar of the 20, 000 deaths

COVID-19 : l’Espagne passe la barre des 20 000 morts

The number of deaths to the novel coronavirus, has exceeded the 20,000 mark in Spain, third country the most grief-stricken of the world behind the United States and Italy, announced Saturday the ministry of Health.

Since the beginning of the epidemic, 20 043 people have succumbed to the disease. In 24 hours, the number of dead amounted to 565, a slight decrease compared to the 585 reported Friday.

The number of confirmed cases rises to a total of 191 726, after a slowing of the progression these last few days, while the number of people healed rises to almost 75 000.

According to the health authorities, Spain has surpassed the peak of the epidemic of Covid-19, which has killed up to 950 people per day on 2 April, and the pressure has decreased markedly in the hospitals.

But this balance sheet, which only includes people who test positive to the new coronavirus, is increasingly being challenged by some of the regions according to which thousands of people had died after presenting symptoms of the disease, but without having been able to be tested, in the absence of available tests.

Catalonia (north-east) refers to the number of more than 7,800 deaths, while the national balance sheet for this area is over 3800 Saturday.

Spain is submitted from 14 march to one of the confinements the most stringent in Europe, which has been extended until the 25th of April inclusive, and should be even even if it will certainly be eased.

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