COVID-19: still the case in major league baseball

COVID-19: encore des cas au baseball majeur

The pandemic of sars coronavirus is far from over and major league baseball continues to identify the case, the last affected team competing to be the Tigers of Detroit.

On Wednesday, president of baseball operations and general manager, Al Avila, has announced that a player and a staff member of his team had been declared positive with the COVID-19. According to the site The Athletic, the athlete concerned was not located within the facilities of the club at Lakeland, Florida, and he is still recovering from the health problem.

These information are in line with those of Tuesday day, during which the Colorado Rockies and the Philadelphia Phillies have also confirmed the presence of positive cases in their organization. The training of Denver has revealed that three athletes, including the player-star Charlie Blackmon, had been hit by the coronavirus.

For the Phillies, a dozen people, including seven players, have been infected in the space of a few days.

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