COVID-19: Surprised at a friend’s house for a second time… in four days

COVID-19: Surpris chez un ami pour une deuxième fois... en quatre jours

A man from the Saguenay who refuses to bend to the rules of the decree of the public health has been surprised at friends for the second time in four days.

Denunciations of citizens have helped to trap the young man of 20 years while he was in a house, which was not his own, with other people.

The intervention of the officers in the police Service of Saguenay (SPS) occurred during the night of Thursday to Friday, in the sector of Larouche, in Saguenay—Lac-Saint-Jean.

“He had already been notified four days ago, he does not understand quickly,” said the lieutenant, Denis Harvey of the SPS.

If, for the first offence, the authorities have been more lenient with him by not giving him a warning, this time, they have tightened the screws.

The individual was therefore given a finding of a violation of a little over$ 1500. The people who lived in the residence that are, in turn, found with a simple warning.

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