COVID-19: teachers and bus drivers worried about the re-opening of schools

Teachers unions and school bus drivers concerned for the health of their older members want to quickly elaborate on the plan for the reopening of schools which must be presented next week by Quebec.

“The prime minister, Legault has no idea of the uncertainty and concern it has caused in the education sector in Québec by announcing the re-opening phase-in schools, in some regions,” said the president of the autonomous Federation of teachers (FAE), Sylvain Malette, in a statement released Wednesday.

A little earlier, during the press briefing daily of governmental authorities, François Legault said that he would present a plan to reopen schools next week. This reopening could be done by region and the parents will not be obliged to send their children to school, ” he said.

However, teachers are still unaware of what they will do during these school days at the time the annual assessment of students ‘ approach, argues the FAE.

The union insists on being consulted about the reopening plan that will Quebec.

“The prime minister Legault and the department of public health must rely on the expertise of thousands of teachers. It is out of the question that we are willing to be considered as mere executors”, hammered Sylvain Mallette.

For its part, the Teamsters union, which represents school bus drivers, a concern with the health of its members is put at risk. If the COVID-19 seems to have spared the young ones, this is not the case for older people.

“The risk that [school bus drivers] can contract the virus and be seriously sick is a prospect that pleases them, of course not. Therefore, many may be tempted not to return to work”, said the Teamsters union.

How to ensure that a distance of two metres is also required between the children in a school bus, questions there.

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