Covid-19: the 193 countries of the UN are calling for a “fair access” to “future vaccines” (resolution)

Covid-19: les 193 pays de l’ONU réclament un « accès équitable » aux « futurs vaccins » (résolution)

UNITED NATIONS-the 193 members of the general Assembly of the UN adopted on Monday by consensus a resolution calling for a “fair access” to “future vaccines” against the Covid-19, and stressing the “leading role crucial to the world Health Organization” challenged by the United States.

Centered on the health response to, the text, initiated by Mexico and including the approval of Washington, with the request to ” strengthen the international scientific cooperation to combat the Covid-19, and step up coordination “, including with the private sector.

The call to be able to get to all the countries of vaccines comes at a time when multiple pharmaceutical manufacturers and research laboratories are engaged in their development. These vaccines, deemed to be critical to help neutralize the disease, represent a considerable financial stake.

The resolution calls on the UN secretary-general to ensure that the means committed to ” ensuring access and distribution are fair, transparent, equitable, effective, prevention tools, lab tests […], drugs and future vaccines Covid-19 “.

The goal should be “to make it available to all those in need, especially in developing countries,” insists the text, the second of the Assembly devoted to the Covid-19 since the beginning of the pandemic.

The 193 members of the general Assembly had adopted on April 3, their first resolution on the coronavirus, calling the “co-operation” in order to better fight the disease.

The security Council of the UN has still not managed to agree in spite of discussions on two texts, one tunisian, the other French, for a month to support the call for the cease-fire launched on the 23rd of march by the head of the united nations to facilitate the fight against the disease.

According to diplomats, Tunisian and French have begun a little work to merge the two texts.

To the difference of the texts of the Council, the Assembly resolutions are not binding, but may have a political value important depending on the contexts.

The text of the mexican falls in a period where the world reacts since the beginning of the year in a disorganized manner against the spread of the disease and the search for an antidote.

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