COVID-19: The Alberta expects to see thousands of dead

COVID-19: L'Alberta s'attend à des milliers de morts

EDMONTON | prime minister Jason Kenney announced Tuesday evening that the peak of the epidemic in his province could arrive in mid-may, and that thousands of Albertans could die from the disease.

Emboitant the not in Quebec, Mr. Kenney has presented, in a speech to Albertans, various scenarios of the spread of the pandemic on its territory. Thus, a scenario is “likely” suggests that 400 to 3100 Albertans could die from complications related to the COVID-19 by the end of the summer, while a scenario that is more pessimistic going to raise 6600 deaths.

More widely, from 800 000 to 1 million Albertans could be infected by the coronavirus, ” said Mr. Kenney.

These scenarios demonstrate that it is more than necessary to comply with the instructions of distanciations social force. “We are not out of the woods. Things could get worse if we do not comply with the instructions,” argued the prime minister.

A scenario where the health authorities do nothing to slow down the spread of the virus is a state of 1.6 million infections, or 37 % of the population, and up to 32 000 deaths. “Our health system would collapse in the chaos,” said Mr. Kenney.

“We have encouraging news. The rate of Albertans admitted to hospital and in intensive care is lower than in other provinces”, however, has tempered the prime minister during his speech by alluding to the Québec and Ontario. He fears, however, that Alberta is catching up these provinces, the pandemic has started to gain ground later in the Prairies.

Deficit three times higher

Furthermore, Jason Kenney, has greatly stressed the economic difficulties faced by Alberta, where the price of a barrel of oil is in free fall due to lower global consumption and a price war between Russia and saudi Arabia.

“The deficit of our province could triple, from $ 7 billion to nearly $ 20 billion,” said Mr. Kenney. Alberta is, traditionally, a province that is allergic to deficits, but the complete collapse of the price of energy has undermined the main source of income of the provincial government.

At the rate things are going, the price per barrel could drop as low as the threshold of profitability, so much so that the producers could find themselves, somehow, to pay to sell their oil, has imaged Mr. Kenney.

“The end of the pandemic will not be the end of economic problems. […] The fall in energy prices means that the recovery will be slower here,” was concerned about Mr. Kenney.

“I hope that the models are wrong. I hope that our measures will enable us to return to normal more quickly,” said the prime minister, who has claimed to have wanted to play an honest game with Albertans by introducing them to government projections, so that they know what to expect.

The alberta government has already made thousands of temporary lay-offs in recent weeks, particularly in the education network, due to the pandemic.

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