COVID-19: the answers to your questions

COVID-19: les réponses à vos questions

Do you have questions about the measures announced by the governments? You doubt a new relayed on the social networks? Your testimony is worthy of our attention? Write to us now at the address We will try to answer your question over the next few days.

Is it not an inconsistency between the fact of wanting to acquire a certain immunity community and imposing distancing physical and recommend wearing a mask? (Daniel Dumais)

“If we take it separately, yes, but you must take everything in context. We want herd immunity, but not too fast. Depending on the country, from 1% to 5% of the population need to go to the intensive care unit when they developed the COVID-19. We don’t want to here two months, 400 000 people are infected, and that 20 000 people end up in hospital. The health system would be overwhelmed and we don’t want that. As Mr. Arruda says, it is necessary to control the flow.” – Christian L. Jacob, microbiologist approved, and president of the Association of microbiologists of Quebec

If it requires the wearing of masks in the workplace, is the employer is legally obliged to provide it and can we refuse to go to work if he does not? (Josée)

“Normally, the personal protective equipment, such as masks or in this case, are actually provided by the employer, subject to certain exceptions. However, with respect to the refusal to go to work, it could not be justified solely on the basis that an employer refuses to provide masks, since it is not yet an obligation to speak.” – Eric Lallier, lawyer-partner at Norton Rose Fulbright

How the déconfinement progressive can it allow to increase herd immunity? This is also a way to test if it works? (Stéfanie Vitabile)

“It is not necessary to expect that it might take two months. For a large effect of herd immunity, there is talk of 80 to 90% of the population. Group immunity is therefore a good pretext to déconfiner gradually. Of course, it is necessary to return to some normalcy economic for society to function. When you will be back to normal, we will be able to bet, up to a certain point, on group immunity.” – Christian L. Jacob

Is the immunity community is a principle that still works? (Brigitte Claude)

“If the micro-organism does not change too much, yes. We think that this is the case for the COVID-19. Even if the virus mutates and we re-infects in the next few years, our immune system will have experienced something very similar and will be better equipped to fight it. The effects may be less.” – Christian L. Jacob

What is the status of fertility clinics? (Tricia Potvin)

For what is the fertility clinic of the CHU Sainte-Justine, some appointments are kept. The teams communicate directly with patients to inform them of the status of their appointment.

“People want to continue the process despite the current situation. At the CHU Sainte-Justine, we comply with all safety rules issued by the government. It’s going well and we want that to continue.” – The public relations department of the CHU Sainte-Justine.

For their part, the clinical Procrea has issued a notice of service for each clinic. While the branch of Vaudreuil/St-Hubert and Quebec city are closed, others continue the consultations in fertility only by telephone.

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