COVID-19: The Association of paediatricians in favour of a déconfinement

COVID-19: L’Association des pédiatres en faveur d'un déconfinement

Back to school soon or wait till September? The Association of pediatricians of Quebec has positioned itself in favour of a déconfinement next.

In a press release published Thursday, the balance sheet of the last few weeks and especially the impact of the measures put in place on the development of children.

The association deplores in particular that of the most vulnerable children have been abandoned. “Many families whose financial situation is already precarious, has been undermined by the current crisis, struggle to nurture their children,” says-t-on.

Pediatricians also recall the drop in reports to the DYP so that the risk of domestic violence is likely to increase. “Deprived of contact with the outside world, many children are living on a time bomb”, can we read.

“The use of screens for several hours a day is a solution for survival in many households, and deprives the children of the cognitive stimulation and social that they absolutely need, and to which they were entitled,” insists one.

The association also raises the issue of the medical follow-up, in particular delays on the vaccination schedule, but also the screening of late developments.

“Early intervention by different professionals with these children is paramount. However, for many, the passing of time limits opportunities to intervene, and the window closes. The consequences are often long-term and irreversible,” says one.

At the end of this analysis, the Association of pediatricians of Quebec is said to be in favour of a quick return on the benches of a school for the children of quebec.

“The children should certainly not become the main victims of this pandemic! As well, let get back to their lives,” concludes the press release.

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