COVID-19 : the balance sheet for everyday of the pandemic decline in Spain at 523 deaths

COVID-19 : le bilan quotidien de la pandémie baisse en Espagne à 523 morts

MADRID | Spain, has identified Wednesday, 523 deaths due to the pandemic of Covid-19 in 24 hours, a figure on the decline after the rebound on Tuesday, announced the ministry of Health.

In total, 18 579 people have died of the disease in the country, the third most grief-stricken of the world behind the United States and Italy.

The number of new confirmed cases in 24 hours, however, rebounded to more than 5,000 after six consecutive days of decline, bringing the total number of confirmed cases to more than 177 000.

The number of people being cured rises to more than 70 000.

The authorities consider that the peak of the pandemic, which killed up to 950 people per day on 2 April, has been crossed, but warn the population against any risk of loosening.

Spain is subject to a sub-the most stringent in Europe since the 14th of march. Only purchases of food and medicines, or a short walk to the dog warrant to leave your home and not be left out children.

This containment has been extended until 25 April, but the government has already announced that it should be even.

After two weeks of shutdown near-total in the economy of the end of march to the easter weekend, some of the employees has returned to the factories and construction sites on Monday. Millions of masks have been distributed in the stations to avoid a rebound in contagion.

Despite the return to work of a part of the population, the government estimated that 67 % of Spaniards do not put a foot outside.

“We have taken tough measures that are effective, that protects, that saves lives,” stressed the head of government Pedro Sanchez on Wednesday at the Chamber of deputies.

“Because of this confinement, I am convinced that the Spanish are reunited with a normality (…) a new normal, because nothing will be as before because of Covid until we find a vaccine’, he launched in the face of attacks by the right-wing opposition over his handling of the crisis.

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