COVID-19 : the bar of the 2,000 dead reached in Sweden

COVID-19 : la barre des 2000 morts franchie en Suède

The health authorities in sweden have announced Thursday the deaths of 84 additional persons infected by the new coronavirus, bringing the official death toll from the epidemic to more than 2000 deaths in the country.

This kingdom of 10.3 million inhabitants, which has taken measures that are more flexible than most european countries to try to contain the spread of the virus, are now 16 755 cases of infection and 2021 deaths, a mortality significantly higher than that observed in its neighbouring nordic countries.

The health authorities of sweden are also returned Thursday on the peak of the epidemic recorded in the region of Stockholm, the epicentre of the virus in the country: a time announced as having been reached on 15 April, the peak was finally recorded a week earlier, on the 8th.

According to revised figures from the Agency of public health, 70, 500 inhabitants of the Swedish capital and its region (about 2.3 million people) were potentially carriers of the virus to the 8 April.

“The number of people infected is still high, this is not the time to release the precautionary measures “, said at the press conference, Anders Wallensten, an epidemiologist with the health agency.

According to the health authorities, a quarter of the population living in Stockholm and its region has already been infected by the new coronavirus on the 1st of may.

In Sweden, unlike other european countries, containment of the population is not news to stem the epidemic.

The only major constraints, gatherings of more than 50 people have been prohibited, as are visits to the retirement homes. For the rest, the government has appealed to civic-mindedness, asking everyone to “take its responsibilities” and to follow the sanitary recommendations.

On Thursday, the hospital Karolinska university has also announced the death of a nurse of 40 years, tested positive to the virus.

A manager of the hospital in which she worked has, however, clarified to television, Swedish public that the cause of death had not yet been confirmed.

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