COVID-19: the baseball major challenges media

COVID-19: le baseball majeur met les médias au défi

The teams in major league baseball will not be allowed to reveal publicly the names of their players have been declared positive for the COVID-19 during the season.

This has been shown on the network ESPN on Tuesday, the general managers Brian Cashman and Jed Hoyer, respectively, of the New York Yankees and the Chicago Cubs. The two men discussed a federal law, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, to justify their claims.

However, the athletes will have the choice to disclose their own results if they wish.

“We can talk about numbers, but we can put individual names, said Hoyer. It is up to the players to decide if they advertise. As a group which, together with the media, we are going to have some conversations about what we can say and what it is impossible to tell. This is not the same context as for a player whose name is placed on the injured list.”

In fact, major league baseball will put in place a list of the lame and the COVID-19. It will include the names of the players declared positive, but also those exposed to the coronavirus or having experienced symptoms. It will be up to journalists to do their research to determine who is struggling with the COVID-19, according to Cashman. The latter believes that any conclusion made from the contents of the list will be purely speculative.

“The information that we give to the media remain to be clarified, he admitted. A player may be away, but we would be unable to tell you more, and this would be an example where you would have to use your super powers of journalism to determine if there is something [in connection with the coronavirus] or not, and interpret the circumstances.”

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