COVID-19: the CCNQ farm trails in four parks frequented Quebec

COVID-19: la CCNQ ferme les sentiers de quatre parcs fréquentés de Québec

Already limited in their movements, the people of Quebec will have to do without some of their hiking trails favorite since the Commission de la capitale nationale du Québec (CCNQ) has closed four of its parks.

The COVID-19 has the consequence, even in the parks where people could still get away take a breath of air. Due to lack of numbers, the CCNQ had to decide to temporarily prohibit the access to the Park of Bois-de-Coulonge, the multi-purpose path of the promenade Samuel-de Champlain, the Park of the Mills and the Domaine Cataraqui.

The Domaine Cataraqui

The quai des Cageux is also closed to comply with the prohibition of gatherings.

Trails icy

The spokesperson of the CCNQ, Melody Verreault, explains that because of the weather conditions of the last days, the trails are found frozen and now pose a danger to walkers.

“We have a reduced workforce for maintenance”, she stated. “We work with providers of services. These are greatly affected by the closures and cuts in services, therefore, they provide only essential services.”

The promenade Samuel-de Champlain

The CCNQ has placed signs and barriers in its parks, advising the public of the new directive, but it does not apply punitive measures or deploy security agents to ensure that it is respected.

“We are aware that people want to go for a stroll in the parks, but we don’t want that they get hurt by falling on the ice.”

In mid-April?

The CNNQ can give for the moment a date for the reopening of the trails, but we may reasonably assume that the situation could reverse in mid-April, ahead of Ms. Verreault. “We regularly assess the situation and notify the users of any change as soon as possible, and mainly on our social media.”