COVID-19: the chambers of commerce are clamoring for wage subsidies

COVID-19: les chambres de commerce réclament des subventions salariales

MONTREAL – The chambers of commerce of Quebec are asking the government to introduce wage subsidies for temporary allow companies to retain their staff despite the slowdown in their activities due to the pandemic of COVID-19.

In a joint statement, the Federation des chambres de commerce du Québec and board of trade of metropolitan Montreal offer to Quebec and Ottawa to draw from many european countries who have already implemented such measures.

France, the United Kingdom, Denmark and the netherlands are all given in the example, since these countries are subsidizing the salaries, according to formulas, and of different modalities.

“These grants offer the advantage of maintaining the employment relationship between workers and their employer, which removes the treatment administration related to layoffs and the registration for the employment insurance and very, very strategic, and will facilitate the gradual reintegration of workers when the situation allows it,” say their CEO, respective, Charles Billion and Michel Leblanc.

Without such a measure, the chambers of commerce say fear of layoffs is major in most of the businesses in the province.

“The historical crisis that we are in now is unprecedented. It requires an immediate response and equally unprecedented,” write Charles Billion and Michel Leblanc, always in this statement.