COVID-19: the China is always transparent, responds to Beijing to Merkel

COVID-19: la Chine est toujours transparente, répond Pékin à Merkel

BEIJING | China has assured Tuesday that she had been transparent in its fight against the coronavirus, in the wake of a call by German chancellor Angela Merkel to shed light on the origin of the pandemic.

“China has always strengthened the international cooperation in the field of epidemiological prevention of an open, transparent and responsible “, assured to the press the spokesman of the chinese ministry of foreign Affairs, Geng Shuang.

Angela Merkel on Monday called on the chinese government to be as transparent as possible on the “genesis” of the novel coronavirus, while Beijing is accused of having minimized the effects of the pandemic on its territory.

“The more China gives an account, in a transparent way the genesis of the virus, the better it will be for everyone on this planet, “in order to” learn the lessons “, said the German chancellor at a press conference.

When asked about these remarks, Mr. Geng said his country and Germany have maintained “close communication” to fight together against the pandemic.

About the controversy on the origin of the virus, which made its first known victims, the end of 2019 in Wuhan (central China), he repeated that this matter fell within the competence of the researchers.

The United States has in recent weeks accused China of failing to respond effectively in the first weeks of the epidemic, and to have minimized its effects on its territory.

The chinese laboratory pointed out by the american media as a possible source of the new coronavirus has categorically denied any responsibility in the pandemic of the COVID-19.

China has also rejected Monday a request to Australia to investigate the way in which it has been handled the pandemic.

The French president Emmanuel Macron has, himself, expressed doubts about the transparency of china after the onset of the first case. There are ” obviously things that happened that we don’t know “, he said in an interview last Thursday with the daily Financial Times.

According to most scientists, the new coronavirus was probably transmitted to humans by an animal. A market of Wuhan was jailed, because he would have sold the animals live wild. But the presence a few kilometres away from the Institute of virology, Wuhan fueling speculation about a run since these sensitive installations.

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